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Qwaffle Word Game

The tasty game of words and letters

  • THE TASTY GAME OF WORDS AND LETTERS!: Qwaffle is the family friendly word game for everyone to enjoy! Race against the clock to find a word that matches the starting letter and category.
  • MATCH A LETTER AND CATEGORY: Be the first player to write a matching word, shout “Qwaffle”, and flip the timer. All other players now have 30 seconds to write a word that matches that letter and category.
  • MAKE UNIQUE WORDS TO WIN: Make sure you think of a unique word; if your word matches with another player you score zero for that round. Your word must be real but can be as much waffle as you like… just be ready to prove it!
  • PLAY ANYWHERE!: Qwaffle comes in a cute waffle style case, which is perfect for taking on day trips, staycations and holidays or to give as a gift for a birthday or Christmas.
  • SO MANY COMBOS TO MAKE: There’s up to 2,500 letter and category combinations to make!

Contents: 50 Playing Cards, 50 Score Sheets, 1 Sand Timer, 1 Qwaffle Carry Case and Instruction Manual.

pdf Qwaffle Instructions 1,005 KB Download
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