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A little bit about us...

At John Adams we are experts in play and imagination, having over 50 years’ experience developing and marketing some of the most innovative products in the children’s toys, games, science and arts and crafts sectors.

We are a proud British-based company who pride ourselves on excellence, which is reflected in the demand for our products in other areas of the world such as the USA, Australia and Asia.

At John Adams, we love bringing people together through our games, toys and arts and crafts! Whether you want to solve a Rubik’s Cube in record time, see a spectacular science experiment happen before your eyes, or play a laugh out loud family game, we have a lot for you to explore.

We make toys and games that encourage creativity and provoke interesting talking points, with enormous play value.  Our product range includes family favourites and classic brands such as Rubik’s, Rummikub, IDEAL Games, John Adams Creative Play, BLOPENS, Action Science, Fuzzy-Felt, Tiny Tears, Girl’s World and Intex.

We’re also very proud to partner with some of the biggest character licenses including PAW Patrol, SuperZings, My Little Pony and 44 Cats.

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