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John Adams

At John Adams we have a huge range of fun family games, science and craft kits, dolls, and much more to discover!

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Soggy Doggy's Friends

Meet Soggy Doggy’s Friends, Dizzy and Daisy. They’re the most playful pups you’ll ever meet!

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Strictly Come DancingThe Board Game

Bring the Strictly Come Dancing experience to your living room and grab that glitterball trophy!

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Hamster Race

Will your hamster be the last one on the wheel? Find out more about this cheese chasing, hamster racing game!

Chase the cheese
Mr Pop

Can you race to build Mr Pop’s face before his pieces ago flying?

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Tumblin' Monkeys

Can you pull on the sticks without letting the monkeys tumble down the tree?

Follow the banana trail
Triominos Sunshine

Brighten up your day with Triominos Sunshine! This colourful and bright game is a version of the classic game of Triominos.

Follow the sunshine
Play Stuff Dough

Bring play to life with beautifully illustrated play scenes and soft dough

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Fun Bricks

These sturdy bricks in bright primary colours are perfect for little hands.

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Explore a world of glitter and sparkle with Glitterizz!

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Rubik's Cube

The Rubik’s Cube is the original and best puzzle in history! It has 43 quintillion combinations and it can be solved in under 5 seconds!

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Rubik's Junior

A new challenge for the youngest Rubik’s fans is Rubik’s Junior- 4 cute animals to collect!

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Silly Sausage

Are you meaty enough to take on the Silly Sausage reaction game? Everyone’s a wiener!

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Soggy Doggy

Do you know what happens when you wash your dog? Soggy Doggy! The showering, shaking, doggy bathing game.

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eZee Beads

Make shapes with colourful beads that magically stick together with water!

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