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Step into the vibrant world of Decora Girlz, where colour pops and creativity never stops! Collect all 5 inch dolls! Which Decora girl will you be?

The Fashion Decora Girlz are colourful 11″ collectable fashion dolls inspired by Decora Kei, a Japanese fashion style that embraces self-expression, bright colours and lots of fun accessories!

The Zhu Zhu Fish are the latest toy pets that swim on land and don’t get wet! With so many types, and vibrant tropical colours, it’s hard to choose which one you’ll like best. Collect them all!

Can you be the first to pop all the bubbles? Fill the air with bubbles, grab your electronic wand and chase those bubbles!

Bring the fun and laughter with the IDEAL action games this spring. Get your giggle on with Don't Be a Scaredy Bear, Soggy Doggy, Windy Knickers and many more!

Challenge yourself in 2024! See how quickly you can solve the Rubik's Phantom

Escape mystery mansions, win huge fortunes, bluff your besties and risk it all! What will you play for game night?

Create something amazing today with our easy to use and super fun arts and crafts range. Get guaranteed results and unlock your child's imagination!

Explore our award winning science range! All of our key sets support the National Curriculum and STEM learning