Looking for INTEX? | Visit our dedicated INTEX website

Do you supply spare parts?

Spare parts are available from our Spare Parts section. If you cannot find the part you require please complete the Contact Form, completing all fields.

What happens if I have missing parts/faulty items from a recent purchase?

Under the Sale of Goods Act, a faulty product should be returned to the retailer where the item was purchased as per your legally binding contract with that retailer at the time of sale. A refund or replacement will be issued (provided you have relevant receipt or proof of purchase).

If the item was purchased direct from us, please follow the Returns Policy as shown below.

If you require a replacement for a faulty component please complete the Contact Form – this must be supported with a copy of your proof of purchase.

I have a problem with an INTEX product

For INTEX spares or warranty replacements, for pools, boats, airbeds or PureSpa, please visit our dedicated INTEX website


How long is delivery?

Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.

What is your returns policy?

For any top-up packs, spare or replacement parts bought directly from the John Adams website:

In accordance with the Distance Selling Regulations, you can cancel your order up to 7 days after you have received it. Please contact our Customer Services team by e-mail on customerservices@johnadams.co.uk in order to obtain a Returns Reference number and complete the Returns Form and send it together with the item to be returned to:

Customer Services, John Adams Leisure Ltd, Hercules House, Pierson Road,
Enterprise Campus, Alconbury Weald,
Huntingdon, PE28 4YA

Please note we cannot accept returns without a returns reference number.

I’m a retailer & want to stock your products, who do I contact?

Please complete the Contact Form, completing all fields.

The Instruction Manual is missing, can I get a new copy?

Instruction Manuals are available to download in the Instruction Manual tab. If you cannot find the Instruction Manual you require please contact our Customer Services Team using the Contact Form.

I have an idea for new product, can I talk to someone about it?

Please complete the Contact Form, completing all fields

Can I order outside the UK?

Sorry we do not currently offer an after-sales service outside of the UK/Eire.

I am outside the UK & have a problem with a missing part/faulty item, what do I do?

Under the Sale of Goods Act you must contact the retailer where the purchase was made in order to arrange a replacement/refund. We can only supply replacement items to a UK/Eire address.

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