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Lingo Board Game

The family word game, do you know your Lingo?

Based on the popular TV quiz show, LINGO is the addictive, simple to play word game for the whole family. With only the first letter given, players take turns to solve a series of mystery words (LINGOs) against the clock, by writing their answers on the large wipe-clean game unit. Each letter guessed correctly is highlighted as follows – green if the letter is in the correct position, yellow if it is part of the LINGO, but in the wrong position or red if the LINGO doesn’t contain that letter at all.

Solve a LINGO correctly and bank the money and try to solve the much longer end of round Puzzlewords, but run out of time and your opponents can steal. How quickly can you LINGO when the pressure is on?

  • Do you know your LINGO?
  • A family word-guessing game based on the popular TV show LINGO
  • Addictive, simple to play family word game

Contents: A LINGO and Puzzleword boards, letter panels, score pad, timer and dry-wipe pen