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ZipLinx Power Triple Tower Blast Set

High-flying chain-reaction fun!

All you need to create high-flying chain-reaction fun! ZipLinx is a system of specially designed spring-loaded linx that launch into action. Create your own amazing designs ready to launch in minutes, then send them flying into the air with one push of the launcher key.

Launching ZipLinx into the tower trigger will make the tower fall onto the target launcher and trigger even more chain-reaction fun! Connect all of your linx and towers to create and launch amazing displays!

  • Create high-flying chain-reaction fun using ZipLinx
  • Record your action in slow motion and then share with family & friends
  • ZipLinx jump up to 90cm, plus Hi-Fly balls launch over 200cm!
  • Includes 40 Linx, 6 Hi-Fly balls, 1 launcher key, 46 power bands, 1 band placer, 3 Target Launcher, 3 Towers, 1 Tower extension with connectors, 3 Tower Bases, 3 Tower Triggers
pdf ZipLinx Triple Tower Instructions 1 MB Download
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