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Ultimate Gross Science

A totally gross way to learn how your body works with 12 YUCKY experiments

This extremely gross science set will help you to explore and understand how the human body functions. It supports National Curriculum learning and is safe, educational and fun!

Explore extremely gross science with over 12 really yucky scientific experiments. Learn how farts are produced and make a bouncing poo! Understand digestion and how your bladder pees; experiment with slime and make your own disgusting pus ball; make fake blood and see it congeal; plus create a vomiting skull and much more!

Comes with clear instructions about how to conduct the experiments at home, as well as the method and science behind what you’re doing. Please note that some activities require additional household ingredients and objects (not included): apple juice, sugar, tomato ketchup, brown bread, sweetcorn, cola, ladies tights, rubber band.

  • Explore the wonders of Science
  • Supports National Curriculum learning.
  • Safe, educational and fun!

Contents: Skull, bladder model, stomach model, safety goggles, bladder clamp, snot pot, slime powder, Agar-Agar, eyeball moulds, balloon, pupil ball, plastic cup, poo mould, fart pot, pus ball, measuring scoop, vomit powder, syringe, fart putty powder, blood bag and label, stirrer, red colouring, green colouring, yellow colouring, blue eyeball powder, white eyeball powder, colour activity guide.

pdf Ultimate Gross Science Instructions 7 MB Download