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BLOPENS Sparkling Unicorns Activity Set

Create fantastic Unicorn themed airbrush pictures, with beautiful glitter effects!

With the BLOPENS Sparkling Unicorns Activity Set you can create lots of pretty pictures with glitter effects. There are 6 Unicorn themed stencils and 6 coloured BLOPENS to create airbrush effects plus a fine tipped glue pen and glitter so you can add some extra sparkle to your pictures! Try blowing in lines and circles, as well as blowing harder or softer for different airbrush type effects and then use the same pens as normal colouring pens to add extra details for the perfect finishing touch.

  • Easily create fantastic pictures, simply blow to create airbrush effects
  • Decorate your drawings with glitter!
  • Lots of different BLOPENS® themed sets to discover

Contents: 6 x stencils, 6 x coloured BLOPENS® with shells and mouthpieces, 1 x Glue Pen, 1 x Glitter Tube, 6 x drawing sheets