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Now you can draw anything!

The ideal tool for budding artists, SUPERGRAPH® allows you to draw anything, anywhere, with its unique, drawing system.

Just find a picture you want to copy, clip it into the picture support and look through the special optical viewer to see the picture magically appear in front of you. You can then simply draw around the ‘outlines’ of the picture and your drawing is copied onto your sheet of paper! Alternatively you can remove the picture support altogether and look through the viewer to copy an object, person or scene in front of you. SUPERGRAPH® works with a tablet too – trace any photo from your tablet onto paper, or use the free SUPERGRAPH® app to draw onto your tablet (device not included, app compatible with IOS and Android)

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Also works with a tablet – download our free drawing app
  • No batteries required

Contents: SUPERGRAPH® unit with picture support, 2 x picture sheets to get you started, sheets of paper, instructions.

BUY NOW: £29.99

pdf SuperGraph Instructions 1 MB Download
pdf SuperGraph Privacy Policy for App 32 KB Download