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Squishmallows Flipolo Game

The mallow-hunting frantic flipping game!

Flipolo is the fast-paced action game that requires both speed and keen observation. Players race to the finish to match up all the Mallow tiles to their gameboard.

  • FRANTIC FAST FUN: Flipolo is the fast-paced Squishmallows matching game that requires both speed and keen observation!
  • MANIC MATCHING: Can you be the first player to match up the tiles to your gameboard? The first player to complete their matches wins!
  • THE RACE IS ON: Be the first player to complete your gameboard, by flipping and switching, then switching and flipping your Squishmallows tiles.
  • WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF SQUISHMALLOWS: The perfect gift idea for Squishmallows and games fans!
  • YOUR FAVOURITE SQUISHMALLOWS: Features cherished characters from the world of Squishmallows.

Contents:  4 sets of 12 Mallow tiles, 4 double-sided gameboards & instruction manual.

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