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Decora Girlz Sticker ‘n’ Style 11″ Collectable Fashion Doll – Sweetie

Step into a world sprinkled with sweetness and style with the Decora Fashion Girlz 11″ Dolls, featuring the delightful Sweetie! Sweetie is a sugar candy style fashion doll that radiates joy and colourful creativity. Her vibrant pink, purple and blue streaked hair is as whimsical as her personality. Dressed in an outfit that’s a fusion of candy colours and sugary designs, Sweetie is ready to add a dash of playful charm to your doll collection.

  • MEET THE DECORA GIRLZ: The Decora Girlz are a stylish group of tween friends who love to dazzle, delight and decorate themselves! These colourful 11″ collectable fashion dolls are inspired by Decora Kei, a Japanese fashion style that embraces self-expression, bright colours and lots of fun accessories!
  • STICKER, SPARKLE AND SHINE!: Decorate your Decora Girlz and yourself with lots of colour, sparkle and stickers galore. Each 11″ Decora Girlz doll has a unique character, super soft hair that’s easy to style, with a deluxe fabric outfit and 75 accessories!
  • OVER 75 SURPRISES TO DISCOVER: Includes doll, deluxe fabric outfit, shoes, hair clips, stickers, bag, puffy clip charm, comb & doll stand to display your Decora Girlz.
  • WEAR AND SHARE: The Fashion Decora Girlz are your ultimate style companions! Use the stickers, hair clips and the puffy charm to accessorise your own look, to match your favourite Decora Girlz!
  • COLLECT THEM ALL: Start your Decora Girlz collection today! Which Decora Girlz will you get first? Collect Decora, Luna, Celestia and Sweetie! Each Decora Girlz character has her own personality and vibrant sense of style.

Each  11″ Fashion Doll  comes complete with layered clothing, stylish accessories, hair clips and stickers to customise your Decora Girlz look!