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Tiny Tears Baby Soft 15″ (38cm) Doll – White Outfit

The Tiny Tears Baby Soft is an adorable doll, that’s perfect for developing empathy and responsibility for little ones. Tiny Tears is a classic brand that many mummies and daddies will know, as it first launched in the UK in the 1960’s.

The Baby Soft Doll is a 38cm soft bodied doll and features a deluxe soft  white  outfit. Little ones can snuggle up to their Tiny Tears doll and give them lots of love and attention, just like you would with a real baby.

Includes: 38cm soft bodied doll with sleeping eyes, a deluxe outfit featuring hat and baby grow and a dummy.

  • Tiny Tears first launched in the UK in the 1960’s and has over 50 years of heritage!
  • 38cm soft bodied doll suitable for children 10m+
  • Encourages empathy and responsibility, with proven play value
  • New boutique-style outfit and accessories
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