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BLOPENS Monster High Activity Set

Release your inner Monster High artist with this vibrant BLOPENS Monster High Activity set! Blow through the pens to magically create cool airbrush-style portraits of your favourite ghouls, then add extra creepy-chic details.

The BLOPENS Monster High Activity set includes 5 mini BLOPENS, 3 Magic Mini BLOPENS makers, stencils, drawing sheets, and more – it’s a must-have for Monster High fans looking to get crafty. Perfect as a gift or for your own creative sessions, this interactive art set puts the power to design delightfully spooky artwork right in your hands.

  • CUTE AND CREEPY MONSTER HIGH CHARACTERS!: Create artwork of your favourite Monster High characters with cool airbrush effects!
  • CREATE YOUR PRETTY PICTURE: Place a stencil on a piece of paper, blow into the BLOPENS and see your Monster High picture magically appear before your eyes!
  • ADD EXTRA DETAILS: Use the same pens to add extra detail for the perfect finishing touch
  • THE PERFECT GIFT: This themed BLOPENS set makes a great gift and treat for Monster High fans and creative kids
  • WHAT’S IN THE BOX?: Includes 5 Mini BLOPENS, 3 Magic Mini BLOPENS makers, 1 Activator, 2 x Mini BLOPENS shells, 6 Stencils, 6 Drawing Sheets and 1 Sticker Sheet