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BLOPENS Cute Mini Kit

Kids love BLOPENS® as they can easily create fantastic pictures with amazing airbrush effects! In this Cute Mini Kit there are 10 reusable stencils and 4 different coloured BLOPENS® to create super cute airbrush pictures. Just put a stencil on a sheet of paper, blow through the pen and see your picture appear! Blow in lines and circles as well as blowing harder and softer for different effects, then use the same pens to colour-in extra detail for a perfect finishing touch!

  • SO CUTE!: Use your Mini BLOPENS to create super cute animals artwork with airbrush effects!
  • CREATE YOUR PRETTY PICTURE: Place a stencil on a piece of paper, blow in the pen and see your picture magical appear
  • ADD EXTRA DETAILS: Use the same pens to add extra detail for a perfect finishing touch
  • MAKES THE PERFECT GIFT: Ideal pocket money treat, party favour or stocking filler
  • WHAT’S IN THE BOX?: Includes 4 mini BLOPENS, 10 reusable stencils and 5 drawing sheets