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Tumball Game

The nerve-wracking, bead-stacking game

In this nerve-wracking family strategy game, can you keep a steady hand and stack your beads on top of the layer of suspended coloured balls? Sounds simple, but with every bead added, the balls become more unstable.

If you push your luck too far…TUMBALL! The coloured balls will separate and you must collect any beads which fall to the floor. Successfully stack all your beads to win.

  • Take turns to place your beads on the stack, but you’ll need to be careful and strategic, otherwise… TUMBALL!!
  • Easy to learn, hard to master
  • Addictive family strategy game

Contents: 14 coloured balls and 7 ball hangers, 24 white beads, 4 bead wands and a Tumball hanging unit


pdf Tumball Instructions 1 MB Download
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