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Tiny Tears Baby Deluxe Doll With 20 Baby Sounds 18″ (46 cm)

Tiny Tears Baby Deluxe

Tiny Tears Baby Deluxe is an interactive baby doll with lifelike function and over 20 baby sounds. Tiny Tears wants to be loved and cared for just like a real baby!

The Baby Deluxe Doll has 20 real baby sounds including crying, laughing, feeding and winding. Tiny Tears recognises the bottle or dummy and makes different feeding sounds.

After feeding, Tiny Tears makes different baby sounds when being winded. Press the tummy button for wetting with tinkling sounds. Tiny Tears cries real tears! When Tiny Tear’s right forearm is squeezed she will cry realistic lifelike tears. If her dummy or bottle is taken out, Tiny Tears will cry for more until happy.

Tiny Tears also recognises when she’s lying down or sitting up. If left alone for a little while, Tiny Tears will cry for attention.

Includes Tiny Tears doll with over 20 sounds, a deluxe outfit, two dummies, bottle and pants.

  • Tiny Tears first launched in the UK in the 1960’s and has over 50 years of heritage!
  • Includes over 20 real baby sounds, crying, laughing, feeding and winding
  • Encourages empathy and responsibility, with proven play value
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