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Squishmallows Squish Squash Card Game

Do you have what it takes to SQUISH SQUASH your opponents and become the ultimate Mallow master? To win is simple. Be the first to collect 6 Mallow cards in your basket.

But watch out… your hopes of victory may be SQUISHED, SQUASHED OR SQUISH-SQUASHED in an instant with another player’s well-timed action card. Makes the perfect gift for Squishmallows and tabletop fans!

  • SQUISHY STRATEGY: Get squishy with it! Squish Squash is a fun frantic strategy card game featuring Squishmallows.
  • UNIQUE DESIGNS: Switch up your strategy with over 100 unique, beautifully illustrated cards. Every game is different and exciting!
  • HOW TO WIN?: Can you collect all 6 Squishmallows? Be the first to fill your basket to win!!
  • WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF SQUISHMALLOWS: The perfect gift idea for Squishmallows and tabletop gaming fans!
  • PLAY STRAIGHT AWAY: No batteries, no problem! Just open the box and start playing. It’s that easy!

Contents:  128 cards, 6 gameplay guides and instruction manual.

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