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Roald Dahl George’s Marvellous Experiment Kit

Help George create some truly amazing, marvellous experiments!

George Kranky used just about everything he could find to create his Marvellous Medicine to cure his Grandma of being a grizzly old grunion. If it was runny, gooey or powdery, in it went.

In this amazing science kit, there are loads of safe, fun-filled experiments, inspired by Roald Dahl’s terrific tale. Use safe household ingredients to see how chocolate can make George grow, create bubbling, firecracker potions, make a chicken shrink, Grandma launch in the air like a rocket and loads more.

  • Includes 15 amazing experiments
  • Make loads of bubby, stretchy, gooey potions
  • Make Grandma fly like a rocket, a chicken shrink…and loads more

Contents: Saucepan play area, measuring equipment, test tube, George model mould, syringe and tubing, Grandma rocket and George lava lamp.

pdf Roald Dahl’s George’s Marvellous Experiment Instructions 4 MB Download