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Harry Potter Flipolo

The Frantic Flip Game!

Jump in to the wizarding world of Hogwarts with the fast paced magical matching game, Harry Potter Flipolo! This exciting game requires both speed and keen observation, as players race to complete their gameboard.

Sounds simple? You’ll be surprised! All Harry Potter tiles are double sided, so you must flip and switch, then switch and flip until all tiles are in place. It’s a different challenge every time. Flip over the double sided tiles to make matches and match up all your tiles to your gameboard to win!

  • FRANTIC FAST FUN: Flipolo is the fast-paced Harry Potter action matching game that requires both speed and keen observation
  • MAGICAL MATCHING: Can you be the first player to match up the tiles to your gameboard? The first player to complete their matches wins!
  • THE RACE IS ON: Be the first player to complete your gameboard, by flipping and switching, then switching and flipping your Harry Potter character tiles
  • WELCOME TO THE WIZARDING WORLD: Great gift idea for Harry Potter fans!
  • YOUR FAVOURITE HARRY POTTER CHARACTERS: Features cherished characters from the wizarding world of Harry Potter

Contents: 4 sets of 12 character tiles (each set has a different colour), 4 double sided game board and game rules

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