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Cutie Stix Creative Workshop

Create your own jewellery and accessories

In the Cutie Stix Workshop you have everything you need to make your own unique bracelets and necklaces. With a choice of fun bead ‘stix’ you can safely cut and core them into gorgeous little beads. Use the Storage box included to keep everything together until the next time you want to use it .

  • Use the Creative Workshop to easily make Cutie Stix bracelets and necklaces for you and your friends
  • Cut and create your own beads using the ultra safe cutting and coring units
  • Have fun mixing and matching the beads to make cute combinations!

Contents: Storage Box, 2 x elastic threads, clasps, connectors, cutting moulds, push rod, ring stick, Cutting Unit, Coring Unit, 24 Cutie Stix and instruction leaflet

pdf Cutie Stix Workshop Instructions 5 MB Download