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Amazing Kitchen Chemistry

40 fun experiments using your kitchen as a lab!

  • 40 FUN-FILLED EXPERIMENTS: Kitchen Chemistry contains 40 fascinating experiments that you can complete using items found in your kitchen!
  • SAFE, EDUCATIONAL AND FUN!: Learn all about chemical substances, properties of materials, density, mixing, enzymes and much more!
  • DISCOVER SCIENCE IN YOUR KITCHEN: 40 fun experiments that can be carried out using items found in your kitchen! Create colour changing milk, see the eggshell vanish before your eyes and explore how why chemical reactions take place, plus much more!
  • SUPPORTS NATIONAL CURRICULUM LEARNING: All the John Adams action science range supports STEM principles and what is being taught on the National Curriculum, so you can ensure your child is learning while having fun!
  • WHAT’S IN THE BOX?: Includes Measuring scoop, syringe, beaker, pipette, paintbrush, red and blue colouring, 2 x test tubes, sand, test tube rack, funnel, cress seeds, conical flask, pH strips, black card, pH card, safety goggles and instruction leaflet.
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