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Am I A Dirtbag? Party Game

Immerse yourself in the world of evolving stories and changing opinions with the Am I A Dirtbag party game. Each round begins with a Dilemma Card, presenting players with a questionable situation.

Can you sway opinions without revealing your own? Test your storytelling skills as you weave Prompt Cards into the story to alter perceptions and earn valuable points. Use words and phrases strategically to influence others’ viewpoints and emerge victorious as the player with the highest score. Get ready for thrilling stories full of twists, turns and changes in opinions.

  • THE GAME OF CHANGING OPINIONS: Start each round with a Dilemma Card, each offering funny and thought-provoking scenarios. Can you sway opinions without revealing your own?
  • OPINION OVERHAUL: Use the Prompt Cards to change opinions by expanding the story with your creative additions!
  • CHANGE OPINIONS, GET POINTS!: Earn points for each opinion you successfully alter through your fun and hilarious storytelling
  • ALL THE DRAMA: Use words and phrases to strategically sway opinions and gain a competitive edge!
  • HOW TO WIN?! The player with the most points at the end of the storytelling session emerges as the ultimate winner of the game

Contents:  1x Dirtbag, 100x Dilemma Cards, 100x Prompt Cards, 20x Voting Cards and 3x Punchboard Tokens