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13 Dead End Drive

The murder mystery mansion game with 12 suspects, 5 traps and only 1 survivor!

Aunt Agatha, a famous billionaire, has passed away. Leaving behind no direct descendants, her close friends and employees are all in with a chance to inherit her vast fortune. But money makes people greedy and only one will make it out of the mansion alive with the riches… will you be the lucky one?

Riddled with traps to deter the unwary and greedy, it’s difficult to stay alive in Aunt Agatha’s mansion. However, if your strategy and cunning is good enough, these traps can be used to eliminate your opponents! But watch out… if the detective makes it to the mansion before a winner is determined, all your work may have been for nothing!

  • Play strategically to claim your fortune
  • Watch out for the detective!
  • Eliminate your opponents with crafty traps
  • Be the first player to make it out of the mansion with the riches!

No batteries required!

Contents: 1 x mansion gameboard, 1x  garden gameboard,  1 x wall gameboard, 5 x traps, 1 x card frame, 12  x character cards, 13 x character prawns, 13 x character holders, 30 x trap cards, 12 x portrait cards, 2 x dice, 2 x elastic bands, instructions.


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