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New Arrivals – Rubik’s Battle and Rubik’s Flip

Are you a fan of the Rubik’s Cube? We’ve included the core elements and turned the cube on its head, with two new fast, fun and highly addictive games for you to enjoy.

Like quick-thinking cards games? If so, you’ll love the Rubik’s Battle Card Game, where you have to think fast to be the first to spot a unique colour match. Deal out the cards and each player flips over their top card, then you all race to find the colour that is missing. Show it, spot it and shout it!

If you’re more a strategy buff, you have to play Rubik’s Flip! With only 8 moves per player this game may sound simple but it’s a challenge to master. Place a tile into the grid then flip one of your opponent’s tiles. The winner is the first player to place 3 tiles of the same colour in a row that cannot be flipped.

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