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Mr Pop

As the summer holidays are coming up we’re launching a whole host of new games and craft products to help make summer less stressful with your little one.

This week we’ll be talking about our new action game Mr Pop!  Mr Pop is a classic game that many of you may remember, but we’ve given him a fresh makeover.

To start the game push Mr Pop into his bath, then turn the tap to set the timer and pick a card. Then quickly race to build his face! Be quick though or all of Mr Pop’s pieces will spring up and go flying.

This frantic, race to build the face game is a fun way to test to see how you can handle the pressure when it’s on.  Set up is easy and with various face cards there’s lots of combinations to make…. If you can do it in time before Mr Pop’s pieces pop up.

You can find all good toy stores.

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