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Making a splash

Splashy The Whale made waves by winning Platinum in this year’s Loved By Parents awards for Best Board Game.  Little ones and big kids have been having a whale of time playing with Splashy, so don’t be surprised if he makes an appearance on your Christmas wish list.

Splashy the friendly whale will eat anything he finds out at sea! Take turns to remove objects from his mouth as he bobs up and down on the ocean waves by hooking an object with your fishing rod, but be careful… he’s ticklish!

If you tickle Splashy’s tongue he will squirt you with water and you must return the item you removed! The person who can remove the most items is the winner. Splashy the Whale comes complete with a motorised Splashy, 13 pieces of sea debris and a fishing rod.

You can find fun-themed Splashy activities by visiting the CAP (Create and Play) robot.

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