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Stare Off Game

The ULTIMATE staring game!

Welcome to the world of competitive staring.

Can you hold your nerve (and your stare) in the big game? Will your eyelids let you down or will you stare on? Can you take (and give) all the trash talk going and still crush your opponent? Or will you be first to blink and lose everything? Well, let’s find out when you play World Series Stare Off.

How the World Series Stare off works

Players go eye-to-eye in this tournament-style knockout game.

Every match is the best of 3 Stare Offs. The winner progresses to the final.

World Series Stare Off referees control every match with the official red card – so no cheating!

An official World Series Stare Off screen allow players to rest their eyes.

After each game the headset is shortened to bring players even closer!

The regulation headset ensures official staring distance is maintained at all times.

When a ref sees a BLINK the offending player is immediately shown the red card!

Do you have it takes to be a World Series Stare Off champion?