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Star Jarz – Best Friends Forever

Keepsake Jar

Star Jarz are unique, stylish keepsake jars which magically light up! Use the 40 keepsake tokens to write down, colour and personalise your favourite memories, then post them through the slot and see your jar light up! With a booklet full of activities for you to create and interviews to fill in, your jar will soon be full of special memories. Enjoy finding out about your friends and making a note of the things that have made you full special. Personalise your jar with the jar wrap, tag and stickers and keep all of your keepsakes safe inside.

  • Post your memories & light-up the jar!
  • Best Friends Forever activities inside!
  • Also available: Secrets & Dreams
  • Batteries included!

Contents: 1 x light up jar, 1 x jar wrap, 1 x tag, 24 page activity booklet, 40 x tokens, stickers

pdf Star Jarz Secrets and Dreams Activity Booklet 4 MB Download