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Srirach-Ya Problem Party Game

The fib-finding, bottle-flinging, fired-up party game!

Are you ready to spice up your games night?

Srirach-Ya Problem is the fibbing and throwing party game suitable for families, teens, and adults. It doesn’t matter who’s playing, this game will add that “kick” your party is looking for!

The person holding the Srirach-Ya Bottle is the Chilli King and must find the fibber amongst the jibber! Each person takes a chilli token with either truth or lie written on it. The Chilli King must throw the Srirach-Ya Bottle at who they think is lying whilst shouting “SRIRCH-YA PROBLEM!”

Srirach-Ya Problem comes with 3 spice levels: Mild, Hot, and Spicy! The hotter the cards get, the harder they are to lie about. If you manage to fool the Chilli King, you gain a point. If the Chilli King finds the fibber, they gain a point. The first player to 5 points wins!

  • SPICE UP YOUR GAME NIGHTS: Srirach-Ya Problem is the ultimate fibbing and throwing party game that’s sure to add some “kick” to your next games gathering!
  • CATCH THE CHILLI KING’S LIE: Take turn to be the Srirach-Ya bottle-wielding Chilli King and see if you can sniff out the fibber amongst the jibber-jabber.
  • FEELING THE HEAT? BRING IT ON: With three spice levels to choose from, the hotter the cards, the harder they are to lie about. Can you handle the Srirach-Ya Spice?
  • FOOLING THE CHILLI KING? SRIRACH-YA LUCK!: If you manage to pull the wool over the Chilli King’s eyes, you’ll earn a point. But if they catch you in the act, the tables turn.
  • FIRST TO FIVE WINS!: In this sizzling race to the finish, the player who reaches 5 points first will be crowned the ultimate Srirach-Ya Champion.

Ages 8+
Suitable for 3+ Players

Contents: 1 x Soft Srirach Ya bottle,  11 x ‘Truth’ chilli tokens, 1 x ‘Lie’ chilli tokens, 150 x Question cards and 1 x Instruction leaflet.