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Splashy the Whale

The water squirting, skill and action game!

Splashy the Friendly Whale will eat anything he finds out at sea! Spin the spinner to decide which object to remove from Splashy’s mouth. Carefully hook an object with your fishing rod, but be careful! If you tickle Splashy’s tongue he will squirt you with water and you must return the item you removed! The player who places all the items on their game mat is the winner!

  • New and improved game play!
  • Fish out objects and fill your fishing net, but catch his tongue and he’ll squirt you with water!
  • For 2-4 players
  • No batteries required!

Contents: Splashy the Whale, game board, 1 x fishing rod, 1 x compass spinner, 3 x fish bones, 3 x sea horses, 2 x life preservers, 2 x anchors, 2 x submarines, instructions


pdf Splashy The Whale Instructions 2 MB Download