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SpinParty Board Game

The mind spinning game of knowledge and bluff!

SpinParty is the ultimate trivia game where giving the wrong can still make you a winner… the question is how much are you willing to bet on your knowledge?

SpinParty is played in rounds, with players or teams taking turns as the SpinMaster, reading out the questions and deciding whether or not to shift the answers given on the unique rotating gameboard.  But don’t forget, you don’t always have to be right, anyone could be bluffing at any time!

Do you write down the right answer and hope you keep it, or do you give the wrong answer and hope it lands in front of someone else? The SpinMaster holds the power, but can you bluff your way to success?

With more than 1,400 fascinating questions and fun factoids, be the first to collect 18 tokens to become the ultimate SpinParty Champion.

  • The trivia game of bluff and double bluff!
  • Includes unique rotating gameboard
  • Over 1,400 questions

Contents: SpinParty game board, arrow board, turntable with assembly parts, 6 SpinStop cards, 294 cards with 1,470 questions, 100 SpinParty tokens, 6 dry-wipe pens, 6 answer pads and instructions.

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