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Silly Sausage Active

Silly Sausage Active is the fun action game that gets you running, jumping and following commands to score points.

Hi, I’m Silly Sausage Active…. work out with me in these 5 cool games mixing actions and re-actions!

Training – Can you keep up with my moves? Perform an incorrect move and your game is over. Sprint: 30 seconds – How many active moves can you do in 30 seconds? Do an incorrect move and you are still in the game, but you need to get this right to increase your score.

Sprint – 60 seconds – How many active moves can you do in 60 seconds? A longer active game for a bigger work out! Relay – have fun with friends/family in this multiplayer game. Make sure your do the right move and pass me when I say, otherwise your game is over!

Relay Turbo – a more frantic multiplayer game mode! Check out your game scores with my in-built pedometer. Jump to it for a great workout!

  • 5 active games! Check my in-built game pedometer to see your score!
  • Check out my 5 moves – Run, Jump, Dip me, Poke me, Freeze!
  • TRY ME – Poke me!

Contents: 1 x Silly Sausage Active