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Play Stuff Dough 44 Cats

Have fun with dough! Mould and play with your favourite 44 Cats characters

Create your own 44 Cats adventures by moulding and shaping the colourful Play Stuff Dough! Great for imaginative play and developing fine motor skills.

This unique dough set has clever fold-out play area packaging with a printed, non-stick and wipe clean play board. The playmat features two well known backgrounds which can be used as the settings for endless 44 Cats adventures. The playmat is sturdy and non-stick making it easy to create new scenes with your dough over and over again.

  • Box opens out to play… and then folds away!
  • Sturdy, non-stick 3D play scene for minimal mess
  • Great for imaginative play and developing fine motor skills

Contents: 3 x tubs of Play Stuff Dough, 8 x 44 Cats moulds, plastic roller, plastic knife, playmat


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