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Only Fools and Horses Trotter Trading Board Game

Buy, Sell, Win, Lose in this hilarious dodgy dealing trading game!

“This time next year we’ll all be millionaires!!” Be the first to win a “million” in this pukka trading game! Your destination….the Casino….well lets face it you’re not gonna make your fortune on Hookey Street! Snag is, you need a minimum of a ‘monkey’ (that’s 500 quid to you and me!) So it’s a race around Peckham, wheelin’ and dealin’ some dodgy goods to be able to make your stake. Be careful though ‘he who dares’ doesn’t always win! You might have a few grand in your pocket, but with a throw of the dice you could end up skint!

  • Are you the first to win a million?
  • 40th Anniversary of the Only Fools and Horses show!
  • Race around Peckham, wheelin’ and dealin’ some dodgy goods, trying to make enough dosh to gamble in the casino
pdf Only Fools and Horses Trading Game Instructions 2 MB Download