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Only Fools and Horses Cushty Card Game

Picture and phrase card game based on the hit TV show Only Fools and Horses

Each player takes turns being Del Boy. A picture card is chosen from the deck. Each player (apart from Del) chooses the funniest phrase from their hand and places it next to the picture card. Del chooses the phrase they think is the funniest and the most ‘Cushty’ with his gold coin. The player with the winning phrase takes the picture card. The player with the most picture cards in the game is the winner! “Bonnet de douche!”

  • Who is the best at being cushty?
  • 40th Anniversary of the Only Fools and Horses show!
  • Includes over 100 cards based on content from the famous Only Fools and Horses show!
pdf Cushty Card Game Instructions 2 MB Download
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