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Lockitz Luxury Studio

Make and create 8 amazing Lockitz to match your vibe! Fill it, lock it, love it! Look through the magic zoom bead to find a bright and colourful positive vibe waiting inside, just for you!

Mix and match super cute decorations to create your personalised accessories, then wear and share your Lockitz. There are so many colours and combinations to explore! Includes everything you need to design 6 beautiful bag charms and 2 necklaces that can be made over and over again! Contents are neatly stored and stacked inside the handy Lockitz Luxury Studio.

  • UNLOCK YOUR CREATIVITY WITH LOCKITZ: Make and create 8 Lockitz to match your vibe!
  • DISCOVER YOUR POSITIVE VIBE: Look through the magic zoom beads to find 8 unique uplifting messages
  • MAKE AND CUSTOMISE CUTE ACCESSORIES: Craft 6 bag charms and 2 necklaces to match your personal style!
  • ENDLESS ACCESSORIZING FUN: Includes everything needed to design your own one-of-a-kind creation
  • ORGANISED AND READY TO INSPIRE: Neatly store all contents in the Lockitz Luxury Studio!