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Linkee Generations


Linkee Generations is the same shout-out-the-link party game you know and love, only this time the cards span six generations so you can pick the decade you know best. With over 1,600 questions, extra pencils, and extra pads, this party game edition allows everyone to join in with the fun. All you have to do is answer four simple questions and be the first person to collect enough letters to spell Linkee and you’ve won. Perfect for gatherings and game nights, Linkee Generations guarantees laughter and bonding moments for players aged 12 and above.

  • LINK UP THE FUN: Linkee Generations elevates the shout-out-the-link family party game everyone loves, to new heights spanning questions from different decades and categories!
  • PARTY LIKE IT’S 1999: Take Linkee to the next level with the Linkee Generation Party edition for your next game night
  • CONNECT THE DOTS: Discover connections by answering four engaging questions and finding the link between them!
  • TIME TRAVEL TRIVIA: 1,600+ themed questions spanning different decades for a nostalgic trivia experience that the whole family will enjoy – there’s some questions everyone will know!
  • DECADES DUEL: Collect enough letters to spell LINKEE to win the ultimate prize in this epic game of generations

Contents: 420 Question Cards, 6 Pencils and 6 Scorepads.