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Killer Questions Party Game

The dead funny ‘would you rather’ party game!

In the Killer Questions game, grab some friends, spin the Grim Reaper, then get ready for some of the funniest (and strangest) would you rather questions you’ve ever seen!

Each round you vote for which option you’d rather out of two choices… but don’t be the odd one out as it could be the death of you! People will fall, people will resurrect, but only one will be the survivor of these killer questions!

  • THE  ‘WOULD YOU RATHER?’ GAME WITH A KILLER TWIST: Prepare to face off against hilarious  “would you rather” questions that will have you and your friends in stitches.
  • SPIN THE GRIM REAPER: Will the Reaper choose you to ask the next Killer Question?
  • CAN YOU SURVIVE THE ROUND?: Don’t be the odd one out or face the deadly consequences! Vote for the option you’d rather but be careful as your decision could be your demise.
  • WHO WILL BE THE ULTIMATE SURVIVOR: Defy death and keep playing to see who can outlast the rest and survived these Killer Questions?
  • BRING THE PARTY TO LIFE: Invite your friends and family to answer these Killer Questions, where hilarity and high stakes collide for an unforgettable game night.

Ages 8+
Suitable for 3+ Players

Contents: 1 x Grim Reaper, 8 x Ghost/Gravestone Character Pieces, 8 x Character Stands, 16 x Answer Boards and 200 Killer Question Cards