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Grandad Tickle Toes Game

In this toe-tickling game of risk and reward, can you stack and tickle, without a topple? Grandad’s having a rest, but you still want to play! Balance an item on Grandad and give his toes a tickle but watch out…. tickle him too much and he can’t control himself. His newspaper and blanket are sent into the air, throwing your items everywhere! The first player to stack all their items onto Grandad without startling him is the winner.

  • STACK, TICKLE… TOPPLE: Carefully balance items on Grandad, without causing a topple! Test your balancing skills as you tiptoe the line between success and chaos
  • DON’T TICKLE HIM TOO MUCH: Grandad can only hold back his laughter for so long. If you push him over the edge, prepare for Grandad to jump up and see your carefully constructed tower come tumbling down
  • RACE AGAINST THE CLOCK: Be the first player to stack all your items on Grandad without startling him!
  • LAUGH-OUT-LOUD GAME OF SILLY SKILL: Put your balancing abilities to the test in this delightfully silly game that’s sure to have the whole family laughing!
  • ULTIMATE FAMILY FUN!: Grandad may be resting, but that won’t stop the fun. Gather your kids and see who can master the Grandad Tickle Toes game


  • 1 x Grandad Tickle Toes
  • 24 x Playing Pieces
  • 1 x Glasses
  • 1x Newspaper
  • 1 x Rug
  • 1 x Instruction leaflet