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Go Viral Game

The viral challenge party game – 40 epic challenges to try!

Are you ready to Go Viral? Bring your friends and family together for the ultimate party game to attempt the most viral challenges as seen on social media and  level up your next game night gathering!

Dive into over 40 unique challenges; 10 classic challenges and 30 new ones! There are 40 ‘Pick a Challenge’ cards – follow the instructions, watch the demo video, and give it a go!  With 7 solo, 15 head-to-head and 18 group challenges, there’s a challenge for everyone to try.

Use the tripod and a phone (not included) to capture your attempts. Share the videos with your friends or online, and who knows… you too could Go Viral!

  • 40 VIRAL CHALLENGES TO TRY AT HOME: Try the hottest social trends and challenges, and you could become the next social sensation playing Go Viral!
  • WHAT CHALLENGE WILL YOU CHOSE FIRST?: Tackle solo challenges, compete head-to-head, or coordinate group challenges at your next game night!
  • CAPTURE THE ACTION: Use your own smartphone and the included tripod to record your viral attempts and share them with friends, family and maybe even the world!
  • BECOME THE NEXT SOCIAL MEDIA STAR: Upload your videos and see if you can achieve true viral status among your friends and beyond.
  • PARTY LIKE A PRO: Gather your mates, get competitive and create memories that will last long after the challenges are over!

Contents: 1 x Tripod, 3 x Medium Cups, 1 x Small Cup, 1 x Large Cup, 1 x Tortilla, 2 x Ping Pong Balls, 6 x Mats, 40 x Challenge Cards and 1 x Instruction leaflet.

Ages 8+
Suitable for 1-6 Players