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Kids love BLOPENS as they can easily create fantastic pictures with amazing airbrush effects! With the Shimmer set there are 3 metallic BLOPENS and 5 Stencils to get you started. Just place a stencil on a piece of paper, blow in the pen and see your picture appear! Try blowing in lines and circles or harder or softer for different results. You can also use the same pens for drawing extra details to give your design a perfect finishing touch!

Before you start

BLOPENS are not messy but the spray can drift beyond the stencils. It is best to wear an apron, cover the work area, furniture and carpets with old newspaper. Stains on skin and most clothing can be removed with soap. Take breaks between using the pens to avoid continuous blowing. The mouthpieces are washable and interchangeable. Rinse out after use. They are completely safe for children to use with non-toxic ink.

Prepare the stencils

Ask an adult to help remove the pieces from the stencils by using a pen or pencil and pushing the smallest pieces out first. Any pieces that are stuck can be gently twisted out.

How to use BLOPENS

BLOPENS come with the cartridge in the storage position.

Remove the mouthpiece and cartridge. Turn the cartridge around and Insert as shown, ensuring the tip is pushed fully into the end. Replace the mouthpiece.

Put the tip of the pen about 8-10cm distance away from your paper and blow through the mouthpiece.

To store pens and prevent them from drying out, repeat step 2 turning the cartridge back around.

Washing instructions for BLOPENS® stains

It is recommended that you wear an apron or protective clothing when using BLOPENS® and that surfaces or surrounding furnishes as protected with old newspaper or similar.

The water-based inks in Blopens® can sometimes stain skin and fabrics, however these can usually be removed by following the instructions below. Do not wear pre-washed clothing if you are using BLOPENS®

Stains on the skin: Wash the skin with soap and warm water. For deep staining, keep going until most of the colour has gone. It may take a few washes for the ink to disappear completely.

Stains on clothing:  Leave to soak in cold water for overnight, then wash with warm water and soap. Additional washing may be necessary for some stains. To avoid discolouration, follow the instructions given by the soap or detergent manufacturer. Avoid chorine, chemical cleaners and organic detergents.


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