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BLOPENS My Creative Egg

The BLOPENS My Creative Egg is a great ‘on the go’ kit to take anywhere with you, to keep your children entertained on their travels and at home as a fun boredom buster.

The BLOPENS My Creative Egg includes four mini BLOPENS to create some wonderful airbrush effect pictures with.

Contents: 4 x mini BLOPENS, 6 design sheets and 6 stencils.

Washing instructions for BLOPENS® stains

It is recommended that you wear an apron or protective clothing when using BLOPENS® and that surfaces or surrounding furnishes as protected with old newspaper or similar.

The water-based inks in Blopens® can sometimes stain skin and fabrics, however these can usually be removed by following the instructions below. Do not wear pre-washed clothing if you are using BLOPENS®

Stains on the skin: Wash the skin with soap and warm water. For deep staining, keep going until most of the colour has gone. It may take a few washes for the ink to disappear completely.

Stains on clothing:  Leave to soak in cold water for overnight, then wash with warm water and soap. Additional washing may be necessary for some stains. To avoid discolouration, follow the instructions given by the soap or detergent manufacturer. Avoid chlorine, chemical cleaners and organic detergents.