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Barbie Fashion Show

Create your own cool Barbie catwalk using the model silhouettes. Use the fabric swatches, stickers, glue and fabric pens to customise and design your own outfits, just like a real fashion designer!

With 12 Barbie silhouettes to dress up & style using real fabric swatches & cool sticker accessories, you can parade each one of your models on the Barbie Catwalk included!

  • Create your very own Barbie Fashion show!
  • Use 10 gorgeous fabrics to create stylish outfits
  • 12 Barbie silhouettes to make a really great fashion show

Contents: 12 Barbie Silhouettes with stands, 3 sets of outfit stencils, 2 sticker sheets, drawing mat, glue tube, outliner pen & cardboard runway.