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The eZee Beads Refill Pack has arrived!

Isn’t it great when your voice is heard? We’ve listened to you and due to popular demand, we’ve introduced the eZee Beads Refill Pack – so you can freestyle your crafty creations.

The eZee Beads refill pack includes 640 beads in 10 colours! Use the extra beads to make more amazing eZee Beads designs and get your little ones to use their imaginations to suggest some ideas for you to make together.

The pack also includes a handy tray to sort your beads into colours.

Like all of the other beads in the range, the eZee Beads stick together with water! Push the beads onto the pegs of your existing peg tray and then spray with water, leaving to dry for an hour before removing.

It’s not just us who have been raving about eZee Beads. Parenting blogger Angela This is life said: “One of our favourite crafting material is eZee Beads. We have tried other similar ones before but eZee Beads combines some of the better features that makes us prefer them more, and they come with very useful tools too!”

We’ll be posting some cool new templates soon, so make sure you’re following the JA Craft Club Facebook page for top tips, activities and giveaways.

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