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Pixelo Neon Has Arrived

Are you dotty for dots? If you’re anything like us we absolutely love drawing and doodling, so what better way than creating even cooler effects using dots. Pixelo Neon is a new electronic pen which brings a new twist to your crafty creations, and what’s better is you don’t have to draw each individual dot by hand!

The electronic Pixelo pen creates a myriad of dots and you can switch up the colours using different pens. Pixelo comes with 10 of colouring sheets, 7 colour markers (including 6 neon inks) for some wonderfully weird pictures for you to design.

Check out the teaser video below

Don’t forget you can download extra jungle and owl templates on our website too. If you’ve already created your dotty designs, don’t forget to share them on Twitter and Instagram with us.

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