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Othello Dreams Are Made Of This

If you were travelling to Japan you might try the incredible cuisine, admire the city skyline and see the beauty in the bonsai tree. For one 11-year-old girl based in Devon, her experience of Japan was a dream come true; after she won a national competition to represent the UK in the Junior Othello World Championships.

Alexandra Bryant, from Dawlish in Devon, was thrilled to be competing in a international competition with the world’s best Othello players. Most people would be nervous and intimated, but Alexandra was ready to showcase her skills by winning some games and getting expert tutorials from the Othello team.

Alexandra had a warm welcome to the world of Othello when she travelled to Mito –  who some suggest is the birth place of the game, to visit a local school. As it was Othello week, tournament contestants from the UK came to look around the city’s educational facilities and meet other Japanese super fans.

The school children shared their enthusiasm for Othello, by playing the game and giving a welcome ceremony to the UK contestants. Laura Bryant, Alexandra’s mum who travelled with her to Japan said: “This is an amazing opportunity and experience for an 11-year-old, I would love for her to continue with the game via a local group. The school visit was fun and the Japanese Othello Crew were fabulous with all the arrangements.”

Laura added: “This has been a real adventure, all of the British Team  have been so caring, kind and all being very supportive. In fact, every player and members of the committee, whatever nationality, whom we have been introduced to have been super friendly. We both have made so many new friends and connections.

We have been so privileged to have experienced the generous sponsorship and hospitality from John Adams via The National Geographic Kids Magazine and no thank you will ever be big enough.”

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