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Linkee Love

Forget the Baftas, Oscar who?! Linkee, our favourite super-simple, shouty-out quiz game with a twist has been given the seal of approval from the lovely lot at Major Fun.

It’s a huge honour for Linkee to receive a Major Fun Award as there’s only a limited number given out each year.

Don’t know what Linkee is? Firstly, where have you been?! If you’ve been living under a rock, Linkee is a twist on your classic quiz game. You don’t win by answering the question, but by working out what the answers have in common. Once you’ve figured out what the link is between the answers shout LINKEE and if you’re correct you can win a letter card. Be the first team to correctly spell out LINKEE to win the entire game.

The true genius about Linkee is that it’s anti-genius: this isn’t about who’s the cleverest, it’s about making connections and thinking fast.

Perfect for out-smarting even the most competitive uncle or know-it-all-niece, Linkee spans generations and gets people of all ages and abilities playing together. It’s speedy, super simple to learn and board/bored-free – like nothing you’ve ever played before. Just open the box and Linkee is ready to play, with no complicated set-up or instructions.

What’s more, it’s an ideal purchase for those with a sharp eye for slick design: Linkee looks the part and oozes impressiveness.

Don’t just take our word, this is what Major Fun had to say: “Linkee is simple, addictive, collaborative fun that builds and builds as you play. It’s a game that will bring lots of laughs to any party – a game where it’s easy to lose yourself in the fun of playing, no matter who wins or loses. And that’s the measuring stick of any great party game that calls itself Major Fun.”

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