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Hamster Race – the cheese chasing, hamster racing game!

Looking for a fun-fuelled game to keep the kids entertained during the summer holidays?

Say hello to Hamster Race – the cheese chasing, hamster racing game!
Line up your colourful hamsters on the starting grid, then roll your dice and your hamsters are ready to make a dash around the board!

The object of the game is to race around the board collecting cheese and make your way round to the wheel. The last hamster to stay on the wheel wins the round and keeps their cheese! The player with the most cheese after three rounds wins.

These hungry hamsters are particularly partial to cheese, so will love picking up cheeky chunks on their journey to the big wheel. Cheer on your hamster as they whizz around the wheel, trying to stay on!

For more information and to find out where to buy, take a look on the Hamster Race page.

Does your little one have a pet hamster or perhaps they have a school hamster? We’d love for you to share a photo and the name of your hamster on the Ideal Games Facebook Page and our Twitter page, to enter our prize draw to win a copy of Hamster Race!

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