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Brick By Brick

Tired of tech? Well if you want to give your kids a well-earned screen break and let their imaginations blossom without a screen, we’ve got the perfect brick companion for little hands, to help you out.

Fun Bricks are a new range of brightly coloured building blocks for children age 1 ½ and up to create stories and new memories with.  They come in bold and bright primary colours in various shapes and sizes that fit together any way you like.

The Fun Bricks sets include little characters and vehicles like trucks and aeroplanes for little ones to make and create!

Fun bricks are tactile, but most importantly they’re durable and strong, so they’re built to last. They provide safe play for little hands with big imaginations, as well as helping to develop hand-eye co-ordination and colour recognition.

You can pick up Fun Bricks from the Entertainer or Amazon.


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